Pet Stain and Odor Removal Services​

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If you think your stinky carpet is doomed, you are going to love us! We’ve saved Southern Utah homeowners thousands of dollars by treating stubborn odors (and stains) for years. This is our specialty. We are specifically trained in odor removal with the I.I.C.R.C. and take pride in saving you money and stress. We have won over many clients in by wowing them with saving carpet that others could not, so let us Wow you too.

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Our Process

  • 1.) Determine location(s) of effected carpet causing the odor.
  • 2.) Flush effected areas with powerful enzymes to break up the odor causing bacteria.
  • 3.) High pressure, high heat rinse and extraction of effected area with our state-of-the-art machine, which cleans carpets from the bottom up.

* In severe cases, we may recommend replacement of padding and further deodorizing treatments.

Value Care Package: Thorough tile cleaning with no frills Complete Pre-Inspection. Heavy De-Greaser Pre-Spray.Power Scrub.High Heat Pressure Rinse. Apply High Quality Impregnating Sealer. Final Clean Up. Post Inspection To Ensure Satisfaction.
*Bonuses: 10% Off All Other Services.

6 Pet Odor Facts

1.) Carpet cleaning alone will not completely remove pet damage.
2.) You can try cleaning pet stains on your own with expensive solution or even a homemade vinegar solution, but it will not pull enough of the urine crystals out, because they soak to the carpets backside.
3.) Although urine evaporates or get’s soaked up, urine crystals remain and are even stronger than when the “accident” was wet. If the areas gets wet again, the smell becomes even stronger.
4.) If “accident’s are not properly treated it is extremely likely that your pet will re-contaminate the area over and over again.
5.) Urine may create permanent color damage, adding color by dying the carpet fibers or removing color by releasing carpet dyes
6.) Our methods are safe for you and your family (including your pets).

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